The Channel

Bullnose Garage on YouTube

Bullnose Garage focuses on the maintenance and restoration of a 1985 F-150 and the associated Garage, parts, accessories, tools, and other stuff needed to keep an old vehicle running in good shape. The channel mostly features videos that focus on the Bullnose, but I do plan on incorporating reviews and other automotive related content along the way. I’m always finding new ideas for videos.

The Start

I started the Bullnose Garage YouTube Channel in September of 2020. I’ve always enjoyed watching YouTube and I also enjoy presenting and video editing. It seemed like a natural fit to start a channel. In 2020, partly due to the Coronavirus, my job changed from one where I could be creative to a more support oriented role. I found myself missing the creative process, so I thought a YouTube channel could fill that void in my life. It’s been a lot of fun and I find myself really enjoying it, even if I don’t get many views. Hopefully my enjoyment of the topic and the creative process really comes through in the channel.

The Future

In future videos, I plan on talking about my upcoming engine swap to a 351w, potentially swapping the transmission, updating electrical and lights, suspension, adding a sound system, and maybe even priming and painting. I’ll be doing lots of work on the interior and exterior. I also have plans for getting a trailer and parting out other F-150 trucks. Who knows how far this will take me? I’m not normally an automotive guy. This is more of a hobby for me, so things could get interesting as a I learn how to do this stuff. Maybe my viewers will learn with me.

I hope to continue the channel through to the ‘completion’ of my 85 F-150 and beyond. If you have a moment, giving me a like or a subscribe will really help me out. Thanks for dropping by!