My wife’s Explorer lost a hubcap driving through Tuscon last year and that sounded like a great excuse to do some upgrades to her cheapo steel wheels! All it took was a little bit of elbow grease, some primer, black matte paint, some excellent 2K clear coat, center caps, and some trim rings to make them look brand new and completely custom!

Skip the trim rings if you want your Explorer to look like a cop car.

The whole process really was a piece of cake, and I’m really impressed at how easy the 2K clear was to apply and how awesome it ended up looking. I will definitely keep it in mind for the future of the Bullnose. I’ve got some ideas for places I can use a quick shot of clear coat.

It took about a can and a half of each type of paint, including the clear to get it where I wanted it.

You can replicate the look I got here by using the following stuff:

2K Clear:
Center Caps: Part Number 1L24-1A096-HA (Find on eBay or salvage yard)
Lug Nuts: Dorman 99027.1 (Buy packs on eBay)
Trim Rings: