My Dream Garage (On a Budget)

My Dream Garage
My Dream Garage (On a Budget)

I set out to renovate my Dream Garage on an incredibly hot, unbearably sunny, and frustratingly bright day in 2019. I found myself sweating buckets while changing out the alternator in the Bullnose. Looking longingly at my, then terrible, garage filled with worthless stuff (like boxes full of things we haven’t used in years that always seem to accumulate in garages), I wished for a better way. When my wife asked if we could add a storage shed to the backyard, a way presented itself. I would piggyback the renovation of the garage onto getting the shed done. Then I could solve our storage problem and my sweating buckets problem!

Lo and behold, the Bullnose Garage was born from the ashes of the old subpar, dingy, barely more than a storage room garage of yore. I tore down the old walls, including the stucco that was hiding behind the wall next to the house. I also ground down the floor to bare concrete. We sought out an electrician to add a new panel to the house, upgrading us from 100 amp to 200 amp and giving me the electrical muscle to add a 220 volt outlet and all the regular outlets I could imagine. I planned and schemed to get all my furniture, tools, and equipment to fit ‘just so’ and decided I wasn’t going to settle for less than great… so I planned and schemed some more to find the money for my project.

In September of 2020 I finally completed it. The only things I had contracted out were the electrical, HVAC, and drywall. The electrical and HVAC need certifications. Drywall just sucks.

For more information check out my videos about the garage.